Office Changes as of May

Please click on the links below to print and bring with you to your next office visit.

Important Message from Dr. Elfman

New Office Changes for your visit

May 11, 2020

We are so excited to begin working on a safe gradual opening of our practice. We have missed our patients and all your smiling faces!

Most importantly we want your trust returning to our “new” office. Our team is working extremely hard to create a Covid-19 safe environment for our patients and staff. We have ordered and received protective gear, re-engineered the office, and are implementing new safety policies.

As always, we will be following and exceeding all CDC regulations for safety and infection control, to assure patient and staff confidence in our office. We will be wiping down counter tops, chairs, door handles, and other frequently touched surfaces between each patient. We will still be following social distancing guidelines which means the number of patients we can see per day will be decreased.

Appointment changes we made to our office:

Staff members will complete a screening survey and their temperature will be taken and documented every morning.

Things will be a bit different for now when having an appointment.

  • Pre-Appointment: PLEASE PRINT THE FOLLOWING FORMS and bring them with you to your visit! 
    (Click the Pink Links)

    • A patient screening form. This form needs to be printed, signed, and brought with you to the patient’s upcoming appointment.
    • An AUTO-PAY form which is highly recommended to help stay on track with contract payments and avoid high traffic flow in the office. This allow us as a staff, and you as a guardian/patient to continue social distancing.

    • A Patient portal registration form. 

    PATIENTS MUST WEAR A MASK FOR THEIR APPOINTMENT- we are still following social distancing guidelines.


  • Upon arriving for your visit
    • When you arrive, PARENTS/GUARDIANS WILL REMAIN IN CAR DURING VISIT. This allows for us to continue social distancing and limit the amount of people in our office at a time.
    • Patient will line up with signed paperwork at DOOR #2 (lower entrance)
    • A staff member will meet patients at the door and guide you to our screening room.
    • We will take your temperature, make sure consent forms have been signed and received.
    • If patient is cleared, staff member and patient will sanitize hands and arms upon entering the office.
    • Patient will be walked back to clinical chair, rinse with an anti-bacterial mouthwash, and treatment will begin.


    • After patient’s visit, they will sanitize their hands and arms.
    • Patient will check out at the front desk and make their next visit, if the appointment given to patient does not work, please call the office to reschedule ASAP.
    • To assure a limited amount of people in our office, we ask the guardian remain on premises, in the car, during the appointment so patient can leave upon visit completion.

What you can do to help:

  1. Reschedule your appointment if you are feeling ill, have fever, cold or flu-like symptoms!
  2. Parents will remain in vehicle and only patients will be allowed into the office.
  3. Do not drink anything hot or cold 30 minutes before your visit, this could affect your temperature results.
  4. Wear a mask to your appointments and remain wearing them in the office.
  5. Brush your teeth at home before your appointments, we will not have our brushing sinks opened.
  6. Wash your hands often.
  7. Practice social distancing and avoid close contact not only in our practice, but always.
  8. Cover your coughs and sneezes.

 Financial Changes: To avoid traffic flow in office and keep practicing safe social distancing!

If you are experiencing financial hardships due to Covid-19, please contact us and we will work with you and extend your contract. Our patients and their families are especially important to us and we are here to help the best we can! 

  1. Auto-pay (most convenient) where your monthly contact charge is automatically paid from your checking account or credit card on file on the 15th of every month. Once enrolled, no action required on your part to remember to pay monthly.
  2. Online payments through our patient portal located on the upper right hand corner of out website or
  3. Mail in check or call in credit card number. For expediency, we prefer options 1 and 2.

Things may be a bit different than they were before we closed our doors but rest assured that the one thing that has not changed is our enthusiasm to provide excellent care for our patients and to serve our communitys orthodontic needs. We will be accepting new patients, setting complimentary appointments for orthodontic evaluations. Our processes may be different, but the outcomes will be the same beautiful and healthy smiles!

Please call our office, 856-429-1900 with any questions or concerns.