Office Technology and Products


Dr. Elfman is committed to delivering the best orthodontic care in the most efficient manner. To that end, he has invested in the latest state-of-the-art computer system to manage his practice. The system produces an impressive initial letter with digital pictures that outline the specific problems and list the diagnostic findings. The pictures allow you to see your teeth in a manner you’re not accustomed to viewing them. Additionally, when your care is completed, you’ll receive a wonderful before and after letter, which highlights the remarkable changes that occurred. The program allows for better communication with your general dentist. Also, we can track scheduling, appointment wait time, patient financials and insurance benefits with greater efficiency. We are very proud of this system, and our patients really appreciate the benefits as well!

We also utilize the latest in material/bonding technology to decrease the discomfort and undesirable side effects associated with orthodontics. In particular, these materials reduce the permanent scarring or cavities that sometimes occur under and around the braces. The bonding materials release trace amounts of fluoride. For our patients’ added comfort, these materials can be hardened rapidly by an ultra-modern high intensity curing light.

Our more mature patients are excited about the cosmetic alternatives for patients who are concerned about the metal look of braces. We offer the clear ceramic brackets and/or the Invisalign® system. These treatment modalities are hardly noticeable. The Invisalign system requires a very technical impression technique to ensure accuracy. The system is virtually an invisible method for correcting mild to moderate problems in adult patients. The process consists of wearing a series of clear plastic trays over your teeth that produce slight tooth movement until the goal of straight teeth is achieved. The clear trays are more hygienic than braces, and there are no diet restrictions! Unfortunately, the Invisalign system is not available for all cases. Please ask the receptionist for more information or to schedule a free consultation to see if you would be a candidate for Invisalign.